Thursday, August 03, 2006

This, That, & (maybe) The Other

You probably have noticed that the "dog days of summer" have gotten to us here on the East Coast. It seems like a common situation throughout most of the country during this summer. It's affected our postings, as you've probably noticed. Not the quality, mind you! Just the quantity ;-) So, what have we been up to since visiting Ommegang's BCTC festival? Hm, let's see. A fortuitous visit from Saint Bernardus, celebrating 60 years. Anxious anticipation for The Drafting Room's final curtain call for Heavyweight Brewing Company. A couple of brewpub visits. Some dabbling in homebrew perhaps? But, overall, not a whole lot. The number of tastings have been down. It's been a bit too hot, even in the evening, for our usual firepit conversations and suds. (Though, maybe all of this is a bit more of my fault, as I continue my so-called training for the NYC Marathon in November.) Here's hoping for some pleasant weather this weekend at The Drafting Room. Will any of you be there?

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Jeremy said...

I am planning on going.