Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Beer Event: The Grey Lodge's Friday the Firkinteenth 10/13/06

Another Friday the Firkinteenth in the books for Scoats and the crew at The Grey Lodge in northeast Philly. How can one go about telling the story of how festive and enjoyable a day can be with almost 20 cask-conditioned beers perched on the bar with fellow beer lovers gathered 'round? One cannot. So, I'll let a few of these pictures do the talking and a short list below of my faves of the day. Don't get me wrong, though, there were no clunkers in the bunch. Spotted in the crowd partaking in the celebration on this perfect fall weather day included Brian O'Reilly (Sly Fox), Don Russell (aka Joe Sixpack), Woody (aka John!) Chandler, Lee Marren (Legacy), Tracy Mulligan (Victory), Matt Webster & Mike Gerhart (Dogfish Head), and many BAs. Oh yeah, and a guy named George that I used to work with 15 years ago at The River Cafe in Manayunk! Troegs HopBack Nodding Head 3C Extreme Gen'l Lafayette Malted Oat Stout Stoudt's Fat Dog Rock Art Red Lancaster Hog's Milk Kudos to Scoats and staff! Early in the day, a comfortable crowd gathers 'round the bar. As another one bites the dust. Scoats lines up the next cask. Tough to choose between excellent cask conditioned beers of the day and a decent (as usual) standard tap lineup. Staff holds up well under the pressure of the demanding masses. An esteemed lineup of quality brews you must admit. The back of the downstairs bar fills up late in the afternoon. A sharp eye will spot Mr. O'Reilly. The front fills in quickly, too. Your's truly with the esteemed Mr. Chandler. Gotta get me my own personalized moose hat! As night falls, the pleasant and well-behaved crowd enjoys the crisp fall air.

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