Friday, October 06, 2006

Home Brew: Wee Heavy, Scotch Ale

Do you rememember this beer that we brewed? Well to make room for the Oktoberfest in one of the kegs I had to do something with this. I decided that it would probably do well in a growler since it is well carbonated, hoppy and high in alchohol content. I was able to fill two growlers with the Wee Heavy. One was taken to the Oktoberfest gathering last Friday. The other is still in my fridge. So, 10 months later, how does it taste? Very heavy! It is just about as sweet as I could stand it. Not something to drink in the middle of the summer, but, it sure does taste good now with the chill of Autumn knocking on the door. I'd like to try it next to McEwans. I might want to dry it out a bit more next time like I did with the barleywine. How's the barleywine? It is awesome! It is sooo good that I'm going to try to save two bottles for each of the next ten years. I have one big bottle that I'll save as the final one. (What?! You don't think it will make it?) Well, that's my intent. Mmmmmm...I love it when a brew turns out so well. :-) Hmmm...I wonder what I'll be doing in ten years?

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