Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beer Event (tonight): Dogfish Head at The Freehouse in Wayne, PA

Thanks to Kathleen, loyal reader of The Brew Lounge, for uncovering this little event occurring tonight in Wayne, PA. Seems Dogfish Head is spread everywhere this week with an event in Baltimore at Max's tonight, an educational course at Tria tonight, Chateau Jiahu tomorrow night at Isaac Newton's, and a tasting Friday evening at The Beer Yard. Funny though how this event was found neither under this hat, that hat, nor the other hat. Heck, The Freehouse doesn't even appear to have its own website yet. Though, Mike has covered it briefly over here. But, Kathleen has her sources! (or she got an e-mail via their distribution list). Thanks Kathleen! ============================================================= Dogfish Head Promo At The Freehouse Date: 10/18/2006 Time: 8:30pm - 10:30pm Location: Wayne, PA Dogfish Head Promo Night The Freehouse 110 N. Wayne Ave. Wayne, PA Sam's on the road with the IPAs and lots of giveaways! On tap that night, 120 Minute, 90 Minute and 60 Minute.


Jeremy said...
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Jeremy said...

Sorry I couldn't make it out last night Adam... did you or Brian (or anyone other Brew Loungers) make it?

Adam said...

Ahhh...yes we did :-) The 120 min was flowing! Whoohoo! Of course, I was driving so I limited my drinking.

Matt Webster will be at the Beer Yard tasting on Friday if you're interested.

We'll have a post and some pics soon.