Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beer Tasting: Founders Red's Rye

This is a rye ale brewed by Founders Brewing of Grand Rapids, MI. This 12oz. bottle was purchased in May 2006 in Boston, MA at Federal Wine and Spirits and transported home (during the days of being allowed to carry liquid on board of planes) and stored in the low 40F since then. We both appear to be in complete agreement that this is one very good beer from a phenomenal brewery. Unfortunately, we don't see much of their beers in Pennsylvania at all. A shame, considering the near legendary status of their brews, especially the Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Adam's Notes:
  • sweet candied hop nose
  • tangy, malty, different
  • carbonation meets up with some kinda zing
  • nothing I've tasted before
  • better than just a hops tang
  • very nice indeed
  • as it gets warmer you can taste the rye
  • if it warms to room temp it's a bit much
  • not a problem...what a great beer :-)
Bryan's Notes:
  • Reddish-Brown color
  • Thick, Shaving cream head; 3 fingers even on a gentle pour
  • Serious lacing left behind on wall of glass
  • Something different, pungent, in the aroma that I can't place; not offputting; hoppy, but something else too
  • Some chunky bits lingering in bottle
  • Solid, medium body; such an enjoyable feeling beer
  • Great malt backbone plays well with hoppy flavors
  • Not picking up much in the way of rye; pleasant bitterness for sure, but not heavy on the rye
  • Quite a snappy, almost tart, finish
  • Would really love to try some more of this brew...Michigan road trip!

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