Monday, October 30, 2006

The Linwood Grill in Boston, MA...say it ain't so!

I returned from Washington D.C. this weekend from seeing Lisa triumphantly complete the Marine Corps Marathon and what does my inbox behold? This piece of depressing news was reported over at Beer Advocate. From the sounds of it, grim days ahead for The Linwood Grill. This is extremely unfortunate as it was one of the city's shining beer spots. Could it have been in a better location? Sure. Could have they....? Oh, heck, they did a lot of good things right. While I was only there once while visiting, it was on my short list for a return trip, as I wrote about back then. I would highly encourage any of our readers to stop by this Wednesday, 11/1, to see what Matt and company are pulling out of the basement. If I could, I most certainly would.......

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