Tuesday, October 03, 2006

GABF 2006 wrap-up

A quick shout-out and kudos here to everyone winning awards at the 2006 GABF this past weekend. Very happy for Bear Republic, recipient of the Small Brewery/Brewer of the Year Award. We certainly hope to see more in our area in the near future! The votes were tallied and 141 different breweries/brewpubs won an assortment of awards across 69 categories. In the spirit of analysis (hopefully, not paralysis), here's a little breakdown that I did after combing through the award winners. Further down the page, I focused a bit closer on the awards earned in the group of states stretching from Northern Virginia to New York. Interesting note: least amount of entries in a category (8; Baltic-Style Porter) and most (94; American Style IPA) Most awards by brewery/brewpub location (at least 3) 9 to Miller Brewing Co. 5 to Pelican Pub & Brewery 4 to Bear Republic Brewing Co. 4 to Flossmoor Station Brewing 4 to Pabst Brewing Co. 4 to Pizza Port - Carlsbad 3 to Capitol City Brewing Co. 3 to Great American Restaurants 3 to Great Divide Brewing Co. 3 to Odell Brewing Co. 3 to Russian River Brewing Co. 3 to Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. Delaware (4)
    Dogfish Head
  • BRONZE - World Wide Stout in the Aged Beer (Ale or Lager)
  • BRONZE - Festina Lente in the Belgian-Style Sour Ale category
  • Stewart's Brewing Co.
  • BRONZE - Stewart's Smoked Porter in the Smoke-Flavored Beer category
  • BRONZE - Dunkel Rico in the European-Style Dark / Münchner Dunkel category
Maryland (3) New Jersey (1) New York (2) Pennsylvania (7) Virginia (northern) (4)
    Capitol City Brewing Co.
  • GOLD - Fuel in the Coffee Flavored Beer category
  • SILVER - Amber Waves Ale in the American-Style Amber / Red Ale category
  • SILVER - Saison in the French- Belgian-Style Saison category
  • Old Dominion Brewing Co.
  • BRONZE - Dominion Octoberfest in the German-Style Märzen / Oktoberfest category
Number of awards to groups of restaurants/brewpubs 7 to the Rock Bottom group 6 to the Pizza Port group 4 to the Ram Restaurant/Big Horn group 3 to the Great American Restaurant group 3 to the BJ's Restaurant group 2 to the Iron Hill group

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