Saturday, October 14, 2006

Beer Tasting: Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout

This is a Russian Imperial Stout brewed by the Media location of the Iron Hill chain of brewpubs in southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. This 25oz. bottle was purchased direct from the brewpub in early 2006 and stored at approximately 50F since then. Congratulations to Bob Barrar and Iron Hill for bringing home the gold medal of the Imperial Stout category at the 2006 GABF. Just another good reason to sample this luxurious delight, in addition to celebrating Bryan's birthday and the Eagles win over the Cowboys. Adam's Notes:
  • Holy Smokes! What a wonderful nose
  • Sweet, Roasted Marshmallow, pecan pie
  • tastes like an imperial oatmeal stout
  • alcohol not very present at all
  • not very hoppy at all
  • reminds me of a balanced Belgian gone Russian Imp Stout!
  • lingering sweet roastyness
  • you just keep going after it...till its all gone
  • Thanks for sharing Bryan :-) I'm happy you cracked this one open tonight!
Bryan's Notes:
  • a nice, tan head
  • typically dark looking, smooth pouring stout
  • wonderfully smooth brew with big presence of roasted coffee and rich chocolate
  • carbonation just right for this style
  • alcohol is moderately present while hop presence is low
  • finishes so nicely, leaving behind some of the burnt-like flavors
  • too strong to be a session beer, but easy enough to finish a full 750ml on your own!
  • expensive at $20/bottle, but in this case well worth it

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