Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beer Tasting: Capital Blonde Doppelbock

This doppelbock is from the Capital Brewery in Middleton, WI. Respected for their lagers, I first sampled their beverage at The Old Fashioned in Madison, WI. This 12oz. bottle was purchased at Brennan's in Madison, transported home, and stored at the low 40's since then. This was the beginning of the "great refrigerator cleanout" now that I have put the marathon behind me :) Adam's Notes:
  • orange sunrise color
  • lager smell
  • not great cold
  • letting it warm up a bit
  • eh..a little better as it warms
  • this beer makes me want to have an Ale
  • hmmm...bit of dry apricot
Bryan's Notes:
  • cloudy, golden color
  • minimal head even with an aggressive pour
  • barely any noticeable aroma
  • slight aftertaste of average lager
  • bit of a flavor like honey-orange tea
  • otherwise, not much aroma or taste to speak of
  • medium body, but not overwhelmingly so
  • unfortunately on a whole, not very memorable

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