Thursday, November 16, 2006

Need a good reason to visit McKenzie Brew House in Malvern, PA?

Black is back. No, not that Blak. The wondrously flavorful and black Empress of the C Imperial Stout. Scott Morrison has hit gold, er black, uh paydirt with this tasty stout to welcome the cooler weather. I've been meaning to check it out for weeks now, but this little thing of marathon training got in the way. Then, this morning, Matt tells me he tried it and loved it. That was all the encouragement I needed to stop by after work tonight. A sandwich, a stout, and oh yeah this other tasty brew called Purple Haze Blackberry Biere de Garde. Turns out they took the much-excellent Biere de Garde recipe and added blackberries. Not usually a fan of the fruit beers, as Scott was describing to me at the bar tonight, he gave it a shot after some urging from his legions of fans. Funny how sometimes a quick 60 minutes can yield such enjoyment. A chat with Scott, pleasant service from the ladies behind the bar, a well-made chicken sandwich, and two way-above-average beers. I suggest you check them out soon. Because, why? They won't be around forever. What's next up will only get better, I presume. The Abbey 11, Belgian Pale Ale, and Vuuve are all slated for release within the next couple of months. It's gonna be a sweet winter at McKenzie! Read further down the page here for my quick notes on the Empress and the Blackberry.

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