Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm running a marathon...raise a toast

Adam's Note: I thought I would bump this up again. Good luck Bryan! Ok, I know this title is a bit self-centered. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a bit proud of the fact I made it through all the training to this point. The NYC Marathon is on Sunday and I'll probably raise a short glass to myself on Saturday evening and invite you to as well. Tell me what you're going to enjoy. Sorry, there's that ego thing again :) I wouldn't normally post something non-beer related here, but did I mention that I have some great friends for neighbors? Here's how the end of our street was decorated this morning. You'll notice that one has an indirect relation to beer....and I like it! (I've already got some "finish line beers" in mind) Thanks everyone! You're the best! Hopefully, my performance will be worthy of your efforts! p.s. Now you all know my middle name too!


Adam said...

Best of luck to you. Don't get distracted by all those beer stops along the way. ;-)

I'll crack a DFH 120 minute IPA in your honor on Saturday night!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your run! Your efforts have inspired the Haiku of the Day at Beer Haiku Daily:

Whether drinking beer
Or running a marathon
Do it with passion!


Anonymous said...

Not going to say "break a leg" cause think that is for show business and not right for running.
But wishing you the best and a successful run. Would love to join you but have to stay home and take care of my 'golden" monkey. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Getting ready to head up to NYC to cheer Bryan on.....We are Proud of you!!!!! We'll be sure to have a few beers in your honor this evening.