Monday, November 20, 2006

Beer Tasting: McKenzie Brew House Empress of the C Imperial Stout

This brawny brew was enjoyed on tap at the Malvern, PA location of McKenzie Brew House. Sorry, no pictures tonight....just picture black liquid, tan foam served excellently by the 12 ounce and 16 ounce glass. And, in case you don't catch my drift below in my notes, there's a good chance that Adam and I will be returning for a growler full of Empress this weekend. Edit by Adam: I finally got around to tasting this one. Thanks Bryan I'm glad I did. Bryan's Notes:
  • Black is the new Black
  • Silky and smooth tan head that hangs around for a while
  • Rich chocolate, with a nice hop bitterness
  • Hints of solid roasty notes, too
  • Just solid enough to be a stout, but not overwhelmingly heavy
  • Such a nice drinking beer; nice enough for a few (even at 7.0% ABV)
  • A great prelude to the coming cooler months
Adam's Notes:
  • at the end of its growler life :-(
  • not much nose
  • mild roastiness at first taste
  • deep malty flavor
  • almost buttery like a scotch ale
  • bitter finish
  • fairly well balanced malt to bitterness
  • let it warm a bit to really enjoy it
  • something to enjoy on a night when the snow falls

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