Thursday, November 16, 2006

Beer Tasting: McKenzie Brew House Purple Haze Blackberry Biere de Garde

This fruit beer was enjoyed on tap at the Malvern, PA location of McKenzie Brew House. Sorry, no pictures tonight. Bryan's Notes:
  • Purplish-brown
  • Nice pour with a small head that disappears quickly
  • Not much aroma (though, the bar was a bit smoky)
  • But very nice malty and berry flavors
  • Lively on the palate; though still smooth, medium-bodied mouthfeel
  • Refreshing, yet a bit filling
  • Finishes with surprisingly more tartness than expected


Jeremy said...

Hey Bryan... that beer sounds good. I am curious what the alcohol content was? What is your overall recommendation on this beer... worth checking out?

Bryan Kolesar said...

6.6% ABV was stated on the menu.

I'd say definitely worth checking out. But, perhaps start with only a 12 oz. and see if you like it. Has unique flavors that may not be palatable to all.