Sunday, November 26, 2006

Beer Tasting: Iron Hill Bourbon Barrel-Aged Baltic Porter (nitro)

Bryan's Notes:
  • A dark pouring medium-bodied beer with a creamy tan head
  • A big, big (did I say big?) bourbon tell the truth, so big as to almost be offputting to some
  • Reportedly at 6.2% ABV, this beer starts out seemingly harmless as it hits the lips and front of the mouth rather timidly
  • Then, the body and the bourbon flavors build in the middle to the back of the mouth
  • Licorice, oak, vanilla, and birch flavors are also present
  • An alcohol warming which isn't over the top (or maybe it's just the fooling of the bourbon)
  • This beer is such a treat to sip and explore....slowly
  • Being on nitrogen, it was best served at the pub and not in a take-home growler.

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