Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Brewing Beer: Brewlounge NRK (Not Really Kolsch)

This recipe is the beer I brought with me last Thanksgiving. I was hoping to make a Kolsch last year, but, I've learned since that this really isn't within the AHA style guidelines. That doesn't really bother me, because it turned out great. In fact I was surprised that so many people enjoyed it. I think I have just enought time to brew it again this year.

Something else to consider here is that I was making two batches at the same time. I don't know about you, but, that was tough for me to coordinate. Especially when some things went wrong. I'll let you know how the yeast starter worked. It seemed like it was in good shape when I pitched it.

Brewing Beer: Brewlounge NRK (Not Really Kolsch)Extract

6.9 lbs of light DME Yeast German Ale Yeast from White Labs WLP029 Grains 1 lb 10L Crystal Malt 1 lb White Wheat Hops 1 oz Tettnang 1 oz Hallertau

Boil 2.5 gal in stainless steel pot on stove to 155-160 F put grains in grain bag and steep for 30-35 min heat 1 quart of water to 170 deg for rinsing the grains rinse grains into after 35 minutes bring to 170 deg and turn off dissolve all malt bring to a boil started boil 10:05

add Tettnang at start (60 min) tried continual hopping for last 15 min

also add wort chiller during the last 15 min total boil was 60 min

chill with wort chiller pour into fermenter

add enough tap water to bring to 5 gal

ensure temp was around 75 F and pitch yeast starting gravity of 1.042

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