Monday, May 05, 2008

Beer Wager for Playoff Hockey

Game on! It's the two best teams in the NHL's Eastern Conference facing off. Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins The Brew Lounge and Craft Beer Radio are following in their respective cities footsteps (skates?) and taking on a friendly wager of beer. After the Penguins punched their ticket yesterday with a thrilling overtime win, Jeff Bearer at CBR and I discussed the details of the wager. This is for you dear readers and listeners. We put the word out for brewers, owners, reps, and writers to chip in to a pot of goodies to be raffled off to CBR listeners or TBL readers. The pledges have already begun to stream in. If you're beervolk and got my e-mail but haven't replied yet, get on it! If you don't know what I'm talking about, perhaps I don't have your e-mail address. Either way, drop a note to me at The first game is this coming Friday the 9th in Pittsburgh. Later this week, Jeff and I will announce what has been pledged by the beer folks in Philly and da Burgh. After the series is over, the winning website will conduct a raffle/drawing/or whatever better approach we come up with to determine which reader/listener will walk away with the bounty.


Anonymous said...

I will go with some local Hofbräuhuas Traunstein, because no IC here ;-)

Lets go Pens!

Adam said...

A case of I.C. Light for the winner or maybe some Olde Frothing Slosh :-)

Rather some East End would be in order.

Go Penguins! (as I duck and run for cover)

Bryan Kolesar said...

exxxccuuuuuse me??? There's something wrong with that comment coming from someone who sat with me and cheered the Flyers on to playoff victory last month.

I might need to stipulate that only Flyers fans will be designated TBL and Penguins fans CBR...cuz you can keep yer IC light ;-p

Adam said...

I guess I was just being nice ;-)

Just remember there's some good ol' Western PA sweat in this here blog ;-P Hey, what do you expect? Once a Western PA'er...always... Anyway, yinz just don't talk right over here.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Well, you listen here..I've got half a mind to delete these here silly comments....LET'S GO FLYERS!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Oh, and anytime my Philly brethern want to let us know how you feel, just jump on in now, ya hear?

Though, from the booty being wagered, I know my buds are feeling confident, so much so that the goods are pretty impressive!

Adam said...

Heheh... :-)

Beer is the one thing we can all come together on. Great idea Bryan! May the best team win!

Anonymous said...

Adam - you are right with the beer and let the best team win!

Eli said...

I'm really excited about this.

And the hockey too.

Go Pens!

Jeff Bearer said...

Heh, I.C. Light. That would be funny. One pledge so far is a 750ml of Penn Weizenbock. Yum!

Oh and I like how the brew lounge is leaning Penguins! Clearly most people who like good beer know a quality hockey team when they see it.

As for Bryan, we are still trying to figure out his malfunction.

Anonymous said...

IC Light - expensive water? Penn Weizenbock - good! :-)