Saturday, March 06, 2010

A couple of videos in case you find yourself looking for a few minutes to kill this weekend...then, get offline and go enjoy the outdoors

I keep things like this on hand for times when I may not visit with you for a couple of days. Depending how the rest of this weekend goes---from my Beer Run at Dock Street and the Cask Event at TJs today, to a still-unplanned tomorrow---you may not hear from me again until Monday.

So, until then, check out these couple of videos that have been around for a little while that you may not have happened across yet. The first features Sam Calagione at a Google event (part of a series, apparently, that I still really haven't checked out) and the second shows Lew Bryson and Greg Koch (Stone) road-trippin' through California on their way to a Home Brewers' Fest.

Hope you all enjoy what looks like a weekend just about anywhere east of the Mississippi.

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