Monday, March 08, 2010

The Story of the Year (to date) in Philadelphia

I take back what I said yesterday when I said that there was not much worthy chatter out there. Turns out most of us must have been enjoying the beautiful weather around the Philadelphia area. Since then, every one has settled back into their desk chairs (at home, or I'm presuming at work!!) and...

...our local ABC affiliate got in on the story during tonight's 6 o'clock newscast; though, I'm not so sure about the "cool and secured cellar" comment.

...Don Russell/Joe Sixpack has done some more of the investigative work that he's good at.

...Lew Bryson's blog about the inner- and never-workings of the PLCB and the associated posting on this topic has mushroomed to over 20 comments while...

...Jack Curtin's site seems to be the place to be heard. As of this afternoon, he's logged over 50 responses to his initial posting...including weigh-ins from Nancy Barton, Mark Haynie, Chris LaPierre, Leigh Maida, Steve Mashington, and Jeff Miller.

...and my posting from yesterday has accumulated a handful of quality comments.

...According to the Facebook event status for tonight's Exit 16 release party at McGillin's, it has been cancelled due to an abundance of caution.

The conversation is really rolling now; let's not let go of this. Unlike the evening news, I suspect that we'll be tracking this one for quite some time.

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