Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Try This Pairing: Scallop & Potato Chowder with Oyster Stout

I promised a much shorter follow-up posting to my Philly Beer Week(end) posting. Not necessarily Twitter-like, but here goes.

A couple of months ago, I made a Scallop and Potato Chowder as my entry in our winter-long "soup-a-weekend" project. I paired it with Flying Fish's Exit 1 (Oyster Stout) beer. Pefect-o. Slam dunk, could not have been more perfect.

Sunday, I made the chowder for probably the last time this winter. I rolled the dice with the Paulaner's Salvator Double Bock. I had my doubts. Not bad, but definitely a little too sweet for my liking with the chowder. The soup, though? Still a winner.

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booboodog said...

the soup sounds delish, are you will to share the recipe???