Friday, March 26, 2010

Tasty Bits of News in the City and out of

Real quick newsy items to share with you here before we roll into Happy Hour.

- In the City: Just down the street from South Philadelphia Tap Room, Brew has been serving coffee and related such things for some time now. The "red tape" has finally been cleared allowing them to serve beer. If you stop in at Brew tomorrow and are one of the first 25 customers, you'll get a 25% Staff Discount on your next visit's purchase. Later in the evening, at 9pm, there'll be a complimentary toast with the neighborhood's namesake, Newbold IPA from Philadelphia Brewing Company.

- In the 'Burbs: Speaking of "red tape", I stopped in at the future home of Station Taproom in Downingtown today and found things as close to completion as they can possibly get. Sean, Mark, and Tim were busy in the middle of working their typical 18 hour day and used me as an excuse to take 5. The chalkboard is bare, but very soon (can't give an exact date yet) they'll be ready to welcome you, the neighboring residents, and the hundreds of train commuters (guys, you better get those train schedules synced up with staffing plans!). This will make yet another high quality beer bar directly across the street from an R5 train station. The focus here at this proudly local joint will be quality beverages and locally-sourced food. I'll have much more on this to come very soon; check back within the next week or so for more information.

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