Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Have you asked lately, "What Happened to Scott Morrison?"

I get this question every few weeks or so. Well, well, well. The answer lies not in a brewery somewhere between Reading and Chester. The answer, at least next week...St. Patty's Day to be exact, can be told at World Café Live in Philly.

Now, shame on me for going out on a limb here without confirming with The Dude himself; I assume this is one and the same former brewmaster from McKenzie Brew House. The one that's been on a bit of a hiatus for, oh, the last couple of years or so.

Yup, my events e-mail from World Café Live tells me that: "Lager lover, ale enthusiast, and brewmaster extraordinaire Scott Morrison hosts a St. Patty's Day beer dinner at World Café Live."

How about that? Check it out for yourself.

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Richard said...

I hope all of Scott's beers are registered with you know who. I would hate to see some those fine vintage Belgian style beers of his confiscated.