Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wanna know One More Thing about The List?

1 More Thing? How about when The List doesn't change---not one period, one misspelling, or one umlaut---the date at the top of the webpage still changes. Either automagically or by human hands I'm not sure. That's the case between yesterday and today.

See, I've got a little process that I put together that compares the list every day and identifies additions, deletions, and changes. Through yesterday, since last Monday there have been 135 additions and 9 changes to the list. Between yesterday and today, not one single change; yet the date could lead you to believe otherwise.

Maybe I'm the only one that thought that if the date changed, that implied that something in the list changed. I've heard people refer to the integrity of the list before something along the lines of "the list is kept up-to-date because there's a current date at the top." So, maybe I'm not the only one who might have been a bit misled.

I realize that it's a "registered of MMM DD, YYYY..." list, but still. Oh, on similar topic, I wonder if the Nugget NectOr kicked at The Drafting Room yet? (that was NOT a typo, just check The List and you'll see what I mean)

You didn't think I could get through the weekend without more mention of this Great Fiasco, now did you?! There was just way too much chatter during Philly Beer Week(end) to not have something yet more to say. Back to your regular programming.

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