Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Brew Lounge gets smarter on-the-go

Ugh, yes there is yet one more administrative detail to get out of the way before I get back to this semi-serious beer writing that I do.

Do you have a "smart phone"? (Is it smarter than you? I know mine is more than I!)

Well, now The Brew Lounge is (finally) compatible with your smart phone. You probably know that I have no idea how this technology works; I've never really wanted to.

I type words (a lot of them, in fact, right?) and upload pictures and hope that it all makes sense to you.

This bliggedy-bloggedy stuff and the website/service/software that goes along with it is just sort of a means to an end for me.

But one thing that I've been frustrated with for a while is Blogger's slow move to mobile device-enriched blogs.

Now it's there. And, now you can pull up and mingle in The Brew Lounge while on the go with much less headache than before. Go check it out!

It looks something like the picture above (at least on the iPhone it does).

While you're at it, feel free to let me know if there are other ways that reading/"using" The Brew Lounge could be easier for you.

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