Thursday, June 09, 2011

Philly Beer Week 2011: Day 6 Wrap-up

Link to Day 6 Pictures (Google/Picasa)

Did, Saw, Heard: For the second day in row, didn't really do, see, or hear much of anything. Apart from stopping at The Drafting Room in Exton like I said would, I didn't keep up on the status updates, the tweets, the texts, the emails, or the other untold ways that bits and bytes of information travel to us.

But the time I spent at The Drafting Room was certainly a couple hours of quality PBW time with many folks that I've not yet seen during the 10-day extravaganza. We chatted about the suburbs role in Philly Beer Week over four totally different homebrews.

The Hefeweizen showed off some serious banana notes while the IPA was big on hop aroma and flavor without going over the top with bitterness. The Black Currant Saison was tart and fruity with a dry finish. While each beer was a pleasant drink in their own right, for my palate's liking, once I had a plate of Portuguese grilled pork sliders, the Abbey Dubbel brewed with figs had a significant roasted and chocolate malt profile with just a bit of noticeable hop bitterness was the one that had me asking for a second glass.

However, after discussing personal preferences with many others, I found that there was barely a consensus as to the best beer of the evening. Though, if I heard one beer mentioned a few more times than another as personal favorites of the evening, it was the IPA. And that is precisely the beautiful thing about taste, at least to me; it's totally personal and you can rarely be told that you're wrong.
To see four homebrews on tap, poured complimentary courtesy of The Drafting Room and Artisan Homebrew, at a retail establishment was a pretty cool sight. I can imagine it was even way cooler for the homebrewers to see their names on the tap markers.

Due to timing, I didn't have the "official" Brew Lounge camera with me, so the photos via the link above are even crappier than usual, courtesy of my new iPhone 4. By the way, ask me sometime what an easy way is to force yourself into a technology upgrade like the one I just did to the latest iPhone.

Donations were encouraged and accepted for the local SPCA. All four kegs were drained in less than two hours and roughly $300 was raised in voluntary donations.

Missed (according to others): Oh, pick just about anything and you could say I "missed" it on Day 6. Could have been Victory at Fork, Chimay at Teresa's Next Door, or {fill in the blank}. No worries, though, it made for another nice down night (caught up on The Killing and Treme) before the final innings of PBW kicks into high gear starting with Thursday.

Today on Day 7: The day starts a little early with some Kan Jam at The Four Seasons with the Sly Fox crew. Check back tomorrow for all the details and results from drinking great canned beer and playing games in the 99 degree outdoors at one of the city's finest hotels. I can't even begin to write the story. But, the game time heat index is due to be 101 degrees (though, to look on the bright side, it's 101 Fahrenheit, not Celsius), so this could get interesting in more ways than one. Did you hear that The Four Seasons has installed outdoor misters?

After that, it's anyone's guess. Could be Kite and Key for Dogfish Head. Blockley for The Night Market. Teresa's or London Grill for Exportation. The Belgian Café for Abbey of Christ in the Desert, or whatever it's called, need to figure that out first perhaps. The Dandelion for Brew Dog. White Birch at Noble American Cookery. Laurelwood at Local 44. Great Lakes leftovers at TJ's on our way home, if time permits.

As with every other day of Philly Beer Week 2011, the options abound and astound.

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