Thursday, June 02, 2011

Philly Beer Week 2011: Media Mentions

Various media sources of PBW news and reports (listed as quickly as I can find them). I'll be updating this throughout PBW, just in case you can't get enough PBW press coverage! Grab a beer and your reading glasses.

(in no particular order, except the order in which I found them)

Channel 6-ABC: "Philly Beer Week Coming This Weekend"

CBS-3-KYW: Philly Beer Week kickoff, focus on Victory, filmed from Hop Angel Brauhaus Sixpack: "Plenty on tap for Philly Beer Week 2011" Sixpack: "Get your mug to these Philly Beer Week events" LaBan: "Brew-vitational 2011: Tops in Local Beers" LaBan: "First-place brewers share their inspirations" Ludwig: "Beer cooking: What an ingredient!"

Beer Sessions Radio-Heritage Radio Network: "Philadelphia Craft Beer Week Preview"

Philadelphia Weekly: "PW's Picks for Philly Beer Week"

Philadelphia Business Journal: "Philly Beer Week doth commence presently (Friday)"

Foobooz: Event Brochures on Tumblr

uwishunu/GPTMC: "Roundup: Our Top Picks for Philly Beer Week 'Meet the Brewer' Events"

West Chester Dish: "Philly Beer Week Preview: Five Outside the Box Events"

Foobooz: "Around the Web: Beer Week Round Up Edition"

Jack Curtin: "Philly Beer Week "If" List", a daily series-start with Day 1

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