Wednesday, June 01, 2011

An interview with a doctor

Dr. Joel Armato, a 'doctor' with a different discipline. He's a 'Beer Ambassador' for New Holland Brewing and he's our own from here in the Philadelphia suburbs. But that, by no means, hems him in. His territory takes him to the western stretches of this State, down to the Carolinas, and so many other places in between and not.

He's been following the scent of great beer and food for many years now and has met many interesting folks along the way.

Last year, he attempted to document everything he ate throughout the year. Everything!

This year he's taken on the challenge of posting an interview each Friday with an interesting person that he's met in his beer travels.

Go check it out. Each one is worth the 5-ish minutes that it will take to read. In this short-attention span era that we live in, it will be good for you :)

Here is a list below of whom he's interviewed through almost the halfway point this year. In my opinion, the great thing about this list is that there are names that you recognize on there and there are names, I guarantee, that you will not recognize. More praise for those not in the direct and bright spotlight of the industry, but play a significant role nonetheless.

Stay tuned in coming weeks as he promises to reveal bits about me that you may find surprising....if I first respond to him.

~ Matt Simpson
~ Jason Ingram
~ Nancy Maddaloni
~ Jon Brandt
~ Gina Talley
~ Dan Becker
~ David Turley
~ Stan Hieronymus
~ David Gonzalez
~ Darrin Pikarsky
~ An Bui
~ Sean Lily Wilson
~ Billy Mellon
~ Dean Browell
~ John Haggerty
~ Audra Marotta
~ Maaike Brender A Brandis
~ Dustin Walker
~ Erik Lars Myers

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