Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Philly Beer Week 2011: Day 5 Wrap-up

Link to Day 5 Pictures (Google/Picasa)

Did, Saw, Heard: A day without Philly Beer Week beer is.....?

Nothing. Did nothing. Saw nothing. Well, not entirely true. I mowed the lawn, ran errands, cleaned up a bit around the house, and caught up with Days 3, 4, and 5 writings and pictures. Pictures, videos -- uploaded. Words -- written. And continued prepping for my Sunday event at Dock Street. Looks to be another solid crowd of beer loving runners.

What else? I "heard" via the tweets, facebook status postings, texts, etc. that it was another solid day of fun, beer, and information at the Dunk Tank, Forum of the Gods (I really hope they change the do a few of the participants), Taco Tuesday at Nodding Head, Stoudt's and Krauts on South Street, Mechanical Bull at Percy BBQ, White Birch beer from New Hampshire, and of course Late Night with Joe Gunn yet again trying to outdo themselves at Jose Pistola's.

Missed (according to others): See above.

Today on Day 6: Most likely keeping it local with one of my favorite locals, The Drafting Room, who will be hosting the "Joe's" and giving the "Pro's" a night off. With donations for the local SPCA, attendees will be able to taste four different local homebrewers' creations. Artisan Homebrewing of Downingtown is the sponsoring homebrew shop. Winners all around: You, homebrewers, TDR, PBW, and the animals.

If I stay in the local theme and have time, I wouldn't mind have dinner at Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington and stopping in for a Chimay lineup at Teresa's Next Door in Wayne. Saw Andy Monday at Monk's, maybe that's enough :) Cheers, everyone! We're half way there.

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