Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Complete Homebrew Beer Book, by George Hummel

The Philadelphia region's stake to the claim of being the America's Best Beer Drinking City is often tied to the local brewers, bars, and distributors. Sometimes the concentration of established beer writers is also mentioned.

Less often, it seems, homebrewers are mentioned as a component in the equation.

There aren't many that have been at it here longer than George Hummel and Nancy Rigberg who run the Home Sweet Home Brew store on Sansom Street in Center City Philly. They've been serving the homebrewing community since 1986.

George has a new book out that serves to provide an easy-to-use guide to understanding the process of making beers and to recipes that help both new and advanced homebrewers master their passion.

My favorite parts?
"Troubleshooting During Primary Fermentation", a quick and easy-to-diagnose section of troubleshooting (page 28)
"Brew Day Process Summary", a concise checklist of tips and techniques (pages 37-39)

There are plenty of beer recipes throughout the remainder of the book covering nearly every style you can imagine. But, I'm most anxious to deviate a bit and check out the section called "Scratch Sodas" beginning on page 439 where we can learn to make Root Beer, Birch Beer, Cream Soda, and Ginger Ale.

Thanks to George for arranging to have a preview copy sent to me.

Cheers and Happy Brewing!

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