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Philly Beer Week 2011: On the go (Part 2)

If the first five days of PBW '11 are not enough to get a reaction from your liver, here's my Part 2 to help guide you along your way during the second five days of Philly Beer Week 2011.


This could also end up being somewhat of a down-day for me again. I may stick to the suburbs and hit up a couple of good-looking events. But, that shouldn't stop you from finding the best of what's around in the city or the 'burbs for yourself.

- Cantina Feliz. There's this new Mexican restaurant that I've received a press release about in Fort Washington. Sounds intriguing and they just so happen to be doing a four-course meal paired with Victory beers for $26 ($38 when paired with beers). Plus Storm King Ice Cream for dessert. Welcome to the beer big leagues guys!

- Capone's & Deschutes. If I'm in Fort Washington and heading home, then it would make sense to swing by Capone's for the always-highly-sought-after Deschutes from Oregon. Matt and the crew always put together stellar events year-round and the bottle shop reputation (for selection) is nearly unrivaled in the region.

- Teresa's Next Door. And then there's Chimay....Bobo....and the TND crew. It's also on my way home and another great excuse for a stop-off along the way. TND has quite the loaded schedule during PBW, so there's not much excuse not to stop in at some point during the week.

- The Drafting Room full of Joes and Pros. Another quality suburban event along the Route 202 corridor (is that a corridor of Beer or Pharmaceuticals? I forget). This Wednesday night, they've got a bunch of locally brewed beer from avid and accomplished homebrewers. Homebrew is a growing part of PBW and this is one event that should showcase it well.

- Fork. If in the city, at some point during the week it would be wise to catch one of The Chef, The Brewer, and The Farmer stops along its multi-stop tour of restaurants around the City. Fork is an excellent option for finding what Victory's Bill Covaleski's and Fork's Terence Feury can do with local food and beer.

- Sly Fox at The Four Seasons. My day will start with a little Kan Jam (can of beer in one hand, Frisbee in the other) at The Four Seasons where Sly Fox is hosting 4 hours of good times. My teammate is William Reed from Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda's and, trust me, we've been practicing. I wonder how many hotel room windows will be dinged in the name of sport?

- The Dandelion. Brew Dog casks at this English pub. Sounds lovely.

- Kite & Key. From Logan Circle, it may be prudent to make the few block walk into Franklintown to Kite & Key for their big Dogfish Head night. Seems self-explanatory.

- The Blockley. Before heading home, I'm thinking I'd like to check out what this Philadelphia Night Market at The Blockley Beer Garden is all about. But with a description that says something like "the city's best ethnic restaurants and gourmet food trucks", it seems worth a peek.

- Local 44 and Laurelwood. Probably won't have time to stop here, but if I'm already in West Philly, a quick stop in for a rare treat from Portland, Oregon could be a good nightcap.

- Rob Tod, Allagash. During Philly Beer Week, or almost any other time of the year, Allagash's Rob Tod can usually be found popping up at better beer bars around town. This guy loves Philly and we love him back. He'll be at Bishop's Collar in the afternoon and St. Stephen's Green later.

- Great Lakes. Just because it's not an "officially" sanctioned Philly Beer Week event or venue doesn't mean that there won't be a crowd of Great Lakes beer lovers at one of the suburbs' best, my local, TJ's in Paoli. Getting in prior to the 10 p.m. "end time" may be difficult for me, but I wouldn't mind having a nightcap here. We'll see.

Friday should be an interesting day. I should probably concentrate on making sure that I have all my so-called ducks lined up for my Dock Street Run on Sunday -- logistics, prizes, last minute communications, etc. But, there are a few events that meet one of my original criteria: new beer.

- Break my bones at Sticks and Stones. Wild Onion beers from Illinois sound interesting and will be at Sticks and Stones on Passyunk Avenue. This is one of two places that will be "showing" Wild Onion beers during PBW (it will be at Doobies later on Saturday evening as well).

- North Star Bar. I haven't been to North Star in eons and I've only tasted White Birch at last year's Ommegang BCTC festival. I could kill two birds here with this one.

- Oyster House firkin and oysters. A Dogfish Head firkin and a bunch of oysters sounds like a good time, you think?

- TIME. As does Brew Dog at TIME, if I've got the time.

- Jesus H. Christ. I don't know what it means that the almighty J.C. is scheduled at Farmers' Cabinet, but Dan Shelton's initials are D.S., I believe. Nonetheless, this should be a rollicking good time with 25 Shelton Brothers beers, yikes.

- Kennett Restaurant. This restaurant comes highly recommended, as does the Yards beer that they'll be pouring this night after 10 p.m. Would love to stop in, but may not make the cut.

This will a tough day to keep my head on straight with my event the next day. A bunch of great events will tempt me and control will be the order of the day.

- It's The Drafting Room, stupid. There'll be a cask of Hop Stoopid from Lagunitas pouring during lunch and it seems like a nice first stop before heading into the city.

- Belgium comes to Philadelphia. Zythos has unfortunately (in my opinion) moved venues this year from the majestic museum at Penn to the Starlight Ballroom. I won't be able to attend this year's, but anyone who does will get their fill of tasty Belgian and Belgian-inspired delights.

- Nodding Head. I mentioned earlier, did I not?, that these guys are putting on a few creative events during PBW. Here's another one to get funky with: Phreddie & The 4 Phunks w/Special Guest Heywood. Says it all, dunnit?

- Why did the Chicken Run to SPTR? If I'm feeling energetic, I may join the Fishtown Beer Runners for another run. This one winds up at South Philly Tap Room for a fried chicken picnic-style meal.

- Speaking of running. You can do it in Fairmount to between the Beermuda Triangle of St. Stephen's Green, Kite & Key, and Bishop's Collar. Canned beer treats along the way!

- Teresa's Next Door, again. I warned you that TND is doing a bunch of "stuff" during PBW. In one of their last events, they've got a Tröegs partnership going on with Wayne's JazzFest. Good times and easily accessed by train.

Sunday, Funday
- Run the Dock Streets. My day will primarily focused on pulling off another successful Philly Beer Run. We wind up at Dock Street for the 4th year and prizes will be announced just prior to the Music Festival kickoff at 2 p.m.

- Brunches galore. It'll be hard to be somewhere and not find a brunch to your liking. Bar Ferdinand, Kennett, South Philly Tap Room, Southwark, The Drafting Room, Varga to name a few. Even have a Shel Silverstein tie-in for the kids at the P.O.P.E. Bring 'em with you!!

- Russian River at Local 44. In the meantime, throngs will be knocking down the door at Local 44 as they pour a bunch of great Sonoma-based Russian River beers. I'll be stopping by there mid-afternoon after my run and fun concludes at Dock Street.

- T.U.D. No going out with a thud....just a T.U.D. or ten at Fergie's to close out Philly Beer Week 2011.

What else can I tell you? These were just a "few" of the many events from the many hundreds that will be sure to please. If not, turn the corner, walk across the street, and I'm betting that you'll find another beer, another face sure to please during PBW '11.

Cheers! (and, of course, the obligatory "be safe and smart out there")

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