Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 6/15/13

I long ago lost the ability to keep up with even half the beer news out there in the wild and wacky world of craft beer. There was a time I attempted daily (or even more frequent) updates with interesting tidbits from around the brewniverse along with small contributions of my own thoughts.

That has yielded to my weekly updates that you'll find here every Saturday morning with some of what I consider to be some of the more interesting news out there that you might like to add to your weekend reading list (or Monday morning at work, depending upon your preference).


~ McGillin's recently made a list of best historic bars.

~ Speaking of McGillin's, they made a strong case on The Brewing Network for visiting during the upcoming National Homebrewers Conference. And, Don Russell appeared the prior week's show to promote Philly Beer Week. According to The BN's schedule, Bill Covaleski of Victory Brewing will be on this coming Monday evening. Well done guys; Philly and Philly Beer thanks you!

~ A take on wrapping up Philly Beer Week from Joe Sixpack.

~ And now just try to get through these three videos. One from William Reed, one from Tim Roberts, and an over-the-top one from Curt Decker.

~ About Philly, Pittsburgh, and a golf tie-in. Or is it about golf and a beer tie-in?

~ Beer and baseball. A different twist.

~ One challenge, their name. I think I'll just go with Boyer Brewing for short.

~ Love the "shot across the bow" reference.

~ Solid interview with the big boys from little Delaware.

~ The Hammer of Glory's reported theft made news across the country.

~ Always fun to hang out with the brewer and the geek.

~ I was just at Angel City a few weeks ago. Neat place; wish I'd caught up with this beer while I was there.

~ Seems that we're always looking for new ways to open bottles.

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