Thursday, June 06, 2013

Philly Beer Week 2013, Day 8 Preview: Friday, June 7

Since a solid majority of respondents to the survey said that it was more important to them to receive daily previews throughout Philly Beer Week, I'll continue this year as I have in the past with a daily snapshot of what's to come and what you might find most interesting or that you may have missed on the calendar of events.

It may not be a perfect science, but I've pored over the calendar of events and come up with the following to share with you. Next up is day eight, Friday, June 7.

All day
  - Want your big beers early? Stop by the Wrap Shack at lunch or anytime and get some 10%+ ABV beers just because you can.
  - Home Sweet Home Brew is having a big special for you all day on specialty grains where you can get a 20% discount.

Try a new place
  - Stangelove's is only a few months old and Mike Fava is sure making good use of his return visit to Philadelphia. Check him and the Oxbow lineup of beers out at the newest addition to the Memphis Taproom/Local 44/Resurrection Ale House family.
  - I couldn't find any other really new place doing anything particularly unique, so I'll pick American Sardine Bar which I believe is less than a couple of years old and they're hosting the Point Breeze Arm Wrestling Championship with Left Hand Brewing and their rep, the inimitable Dan Conway. Don't think that there's really such a thing, but they're making it such, so there you go. Good times with a great lineup of beer and some well-made affordable eats means this event probably can't be beat.

  - Lunch with Jolly Pumpkin at Jose Pistola's sounds like a great way to kick start the day.
  - Late in the afternoon, Standard Tap is introducing the guys behind this year's collaborative Belgian brew, Weyerbacher and Brasserie de la Senne

  - Bullfrog Brewery at The Barrel. If you haven't been to Bainbridge Street yet, here's a good reason to try.
  - A Niebhur and some Boontville beer at Finn McCool's. I'm guessing this could be a pretty good time.
  - Saucony Creek will be at Grace Tavern. Like this place and it gives a chance to check out this new brewery.
  - Bacon Beer Fest. Those words sound descriptive enough to get a party going at Field House.

Late Night
  - Blank Landlord on stage and Philly Brewing Company on the taps sounds like the makings of an awesome night at Johnny Brenda's.
  - Brooklyn Brewery jumps in on everyone's favorite, breakfast, for dinner at The Industry.

  - New guys, Neshaminy Creek Brewing, will be at PJ Whelihan's in Blue Bell.
  - And, not far away in Chalfont, some Flying Dog Rarities, plus a collaboratively-brewed Stock Ale with Evolution Brewing, will be available at Blue Dog.

What about you? What have I missed?

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