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Philly Beer Week 2013, Day 7 Preview: Thursday, June 6

Since a solid majority of respondents to the survey said that it was more important to them to receive daily previews throughout Philly Beer Week, I'll continue this year as I have in the past with a daily snapshot of what's to come and what you might find most interesting or that you may have missed on the calendar of events.

It may not be a perfect science, but I've pored over the calendar of events and come up with the following to share with you. Next up is day seven, Thursday, June 6.

All day
  - I risk overdoing it here for Kite & Key, but when they put on a daylong Firestone Walker show, well, it deserves the attention.
  - Owner Mike "Scoats" Scotese was recently featured on the cover of the Philadelphia Inquirer's Food section detailing his appreciation for Pilsners. He backs it up with a Pilsner event during Philly Beer Week at his Grey Lodge when he'll have ten lines of mostly Philly local Pilsners. How lucky are we?!

Try a new place
  - I'll go out on a limb and bet that most of you have not been to the Four Seasons Hotel, even though they've hosted the official Philly Beer Week Garden each of the last three years. This year, the Garden has moved to Headhouse Square, but the Hotel still has an event. They have an ongoing relationship with Dock Street and this year they're using the relationship to showcase a new collaborative release (I've lost count; they may have done six or so of these by this point) called Crackle & Squeeze, a summer brew made with cracked pepper and Meyer lemons. There'll be live blues/country music as well as food truck options. Who says the Four Seasons isn't befitting of beer events?
  - The Foodery, you may have heard, has a new location. The 17th/Sansom location will be featuring newcomer to Philly, but certainly no newcomer to the beer world, Shiner out of Texas. More correctly Spoetzl Brewery out of Shiner, Texas. My advice would have you skipping the Bock (though, try it if you've never) and heading to their Black Lager and others you may not have heard of.

  - You stop by here often, you know my affinity for train travel, particularly for utilizing it during Philly Beer Week even more so than usual. They've had Bridgewater's Pub serving up some pretty great beer and food for quite some time. Now they've got an outdoor social area that has become The Porch's Beer Garden just in time for Philly Beer Week. Looks like they've got some German beers, food trucks, and live jazz and polka music after 3 p.m. both Thursday and Friday. Try not to miss your train.
  - Before he heads off to judge Philly Beer Geek (see below), Jim Koch from Boston Beer/Sam Adams will be at Khyber Pass Pub for a brunch that has a beer lineup that looks pretty near epic, or at least very interesting. The food looks just as special.

  - One year old Forest & Main from Ambler has not been mentioned yet in these pages this week, if I've been keeping proper track. When they put on a couple of unique casks and serve them up with some food from Kennett's excellent kitchen, the time has come to rectify that.
  - Another Philly Beer Geek will be crowned, this time at the Field House. This is always a rollicking time and they've added out-of-town industry luminary, Jim Koch (Sam Adams), as a guest judge.
  - The Bruery from southern California has a strong beer geek following. I'm sure the following will grow even more so at Barcade where fifteen or so of their standards and not-so-standards will be on tap. Take your quarters for Centipede too.

Late Night
  - Another late night, another call out to Underground Arts. This time, they're doing a "phreak show with phegley's" brewery from the Lehigh Valley.
  - Late Night with Joe Gunn. Are you experienced?

  - Remember Yvan from de la Senne making his rounds? He stops at Teresa's Next Door for a suburban visit.
  - You might have a point if you think I've been dissin' Uno Chicago Grill all week long. I had some decent things to say about them, oh what was it, four years ago when I stopped in at a PBW event they did at their Exton location. They're still doing events in 2013 and deserve a shout for being one of the first large chain-type restaurants in the area to commit to better beer and stay committed to it. On this night, the Maple Shade location is featuring San Diego area breweries Stone, Ballast Point, Green Flash, Port, and Lost Abbey.

What about you? What have I missed?

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