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Philly Beer Week 2013: The Index

This wrap-up was originally slated to be compiled and put out for your consumption at least a few days ago, post-Philly Beer Week 2013. A bit of this, that, and life got in the way. Plus, I took to heart how, in response to that short survey that I put out a few weeks ago, there was not an overwhelming majority that said they cared as much about after-the-fact reporting as they did previews and in-the-moment "reporting."

Yet, at the same, time there was a clear majority that said coverage of PBW is critical to the success of PBW. So, yes, I'm doing this for you. But, I also find it personally/selfishly valuable to have that one place that I can look back on year-after-year when I need to track down some bit of information about Philly Beer Weeks of years past.

So, here in all its glory, is my wrap-up complete with backlinks to all of the content that I published throughout. 2013 was certainly not my busiest or most frantic year of PBW consumption. It does seem like I, and many others that I spoke with along the way who have taken in all six years of PBW, have begun to take PBW a bit more in stride, if for no other reason than the year-round calendar of beer events is all-consuming both financially and health-wise throughout the year. PBW is special, for sure, in the way in which a critical mass of noteworthy beers, bars, brewers, distributors, and other significant players in the industry are put on display over the course of ten days like no where else in the country at any time during the year. (Well, except, perhaps than GABF in Denver?)

I've been urged by more than a few to dabble more in scuttlebutt, but I've chosen to steer clear of that again this year. It takes a lot of energy (and energy that I can better apply to other aspects of my work) to deal in scuttlebutt and the fallout from it. But, I've not determined that there's enough scuttlebutt to claim that something is so terribly wrong nor that is in the best of interest of consumers to hear about. Though, some may say that I've scuttlebutted merely by introducing the topic. Nonetheless, we move on to the tasty stuff.

In the links below, you'll learn about my six PBW days in the City and my two PBW days in the suburbs. Two responsible days were taken off. My number of events was down about 10% but my mission, as always, was to focus on 1) new; 2) quality in terms of people/beer; and 3) lesser-publicized.

I may have pulled off the "new" aspect of that equation better than ever before. Five new places and I crossed paths during Philly Beer Week: Pennsylvania 6; Alla Spina; Kennett; Growlers; and Brü. You'll find my reactions to them in the daily links below.

Some solid food from non-beer events/places were discovered at: Cheu Noodle Bar; Fette Sau; and Beddia's. The last of those three is familiar to those in the industry know around Philly because of owner Joe Beddia and his history in the local beer scene.

Attesting to the quality of the people, place, event, and beer, spots like Brauhaus Schmitz, Varga, Standard Tap, The Drafting Room, Teresa's Next Door, Fergie's, City Tap House, and Strangelove's all saw me during PBW. And, perhaps an even greater testament was my repeat visits during the week to Kite & Key, Nodding Head, Johnny Brenda's, Alla Spina, and Bridgewater's (at 30th Street Station). All of these listed here are part of the incredible local fabric of bars and breweries and just begins to scratch the surface of what makes the Philadelphia region the high quality beer destination that it is.

There are five local beers that still resonate with me more than a week later in Victory's Bell Ringer Double IPA (both CO2 and cask were excellent), Brotherly Suds (the annual local collaboration), Tröegs Sunshine Pils and Weyerbacher Riserva (I was proudly a part of the team of judges that awarded first place in the Inquirer's Brew-vitational), and Sly Fox Grisette (it will take a mighty beer to knock this off my annual best-of list).

Now to the compilation of links.

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Philly Beer Week coverage at The Brew Lounge:
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~  Day 9 Preview  ---  Day 9 Highlights  ---  Day 9 Pictures
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