Saturday, September 23, 2006

Monument Wine & Spirits (Concord, CA) & Jackson's Wine and Spirits (Lafayette, CA)

If you're in the East Bay area of San Francisco, CA and are looking for a good retail beer selection you can't go wrong at either of these locations. Both are managed by the same ownership (in addition to Moraga Wine and Spirits in, that's right, the city of Moraga) and carry a decent selection of high quality beers, wines, and liquors.

Generally speaking, the Concord location (Monument) has a greater emphasis on beer, while the Lafayette location (Jackson's) has a greater emphasis on wine. But, really, when you browse the inventory the difference is almost imperceptible. Following is a rundown of the stash I came away with from these locations. Oh, for a Pennsylvania boy like me, I surely appreciated the single bottle option...and not with the accompanying price penalty that we experience here back home. Not too shabby, eh? (And I didn't even really get into the rare stuff.)

Bear Republic Red Rocket; Russian River Salvation; Fantome Saison; Lagunitas IPA; Pyramid Thunderhead IPA; Firestone Double Barrel Ale; Deschutes Butte Creek Porter; Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA; Anchor Steam; Sierra Nevada Pale Ale; Sacramento Sac-Squatch

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Anonymous said...

Their Concord location on monument and erikson has an awesome selections as well.Plus firestone's union jack 6-packs are only $5.99!