Monday, July 16, 2007

Blind Tiger Christmas in July

Let's see now....questions....questions.... ~ Is Manhattan on the way to Cooperstown? ~ Can an RV find a parking spot on Bleecker Street? ~ Can we extend the Ommegang BCTC event to leave earlier and come home later to hit both of these fine looking events at The Blind Tiger? ~ How many "big" events can one calendar month hold? Oh, so what am I rambling on about? Just another tempting e-mail from our friends in NYC. Read on.... ================================================================= Dear Tigerites, This Christmas in July is so good, that all I need to talk about is the LIST... Bad Elf Seriously Bad Elf Very Bad Elf Criminally Bad Elf Warm Welcome Santa's Butt Lump of Coal Stout De Ranke Noel Sierra Celebration Slyfox Christmas Smuttynose Winter Chelsea Hoppy Holiday J.W. Lee's Calvados Cask (yes, another wood pin) And there is much more... Come join us for Christmas in July, Wednesday July 18th @ 4:00PM... We will have food and cheese galore for your tasting needs... Also, July 25th @ 4:00PM Dogfish Head will be doing an event to beat all Dogfish events...seriously... More draught lines than ever... Sam, beers, and gifts... Call off work, talk to your family, whatever you need...just show up... =================================================================

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