Friday, July 06, 2007

The Session #5: The Brew Lounge Video Recorded Live

This is one part of a series of posts. Here it is in all its glory. We haven't viewed it yet they say your milage may vary ;-)


Jeremy said...

Congrats guys on your first broadcast! Great job.

p.s. the birds in the background almost sounded fake.

Adam said...

Thanks Jeremy. about the lawnmower or the dog?

Anonymous said...

Well done.

"This blog is making me thirsty"



Adam said...

Thanks Dell :-)

Dan Bengel said...

Kudos! I see you going on the road hitting all the bars and breweries you have talked about. Adam, there is still room on my trip to the beer motherland next May.

Adam said...

Thanks Dan. Much appreciated. Regarding May...I'll have to give that some serious thought!

Anonymous said...

Cool video, I can relate to the bugs, mowers and planes overhead. I'm somewhere nearby, think I seen you guys someplace.
Hops look good. My first year cascades are growing good.
Magnum and Centenial not so much.
see ya

Bryan Kolesar said...

That's cool, thanks for the note. Since you're nearby, stay tuned for a possible Brew Lounge gathering sometime in the next couple of months. (You heard it here first!)