Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nate says he wants one. Who wouldn't want a Randal?

Note: Ok, I totally misread this. Nate said he wanted to "get to one of these" not "get one of these". Ahhh...well, I'm not takin' it down now. Who wants a Randall?! Just read a comment by Nate. Do you think he's talking about Randall the Enamel Animal from DFH? I just threw together some links that I found while searching for articles on making your own. Came up with some good stuff. Dogfish Head "organoleptic hop transducer module" aka "Randal the Enamel Animal" : Maltose Falcons build your own Hashback : Lew Bryson interview with Sam : Build your own Randall grove's beer log : Article at BA by Sam Nate, wanna build one? I'm seriously thinking about it.


Nate said...

Well, now that you put the thought in my head (or the words in my mouth) .. sure, I'd like to have a Randal (Randalizer? Randal the Enamel Animal?)

Doesn't look to hard really, just a water filter holder with correct plumbing. Almost a very simple Soxhlet extractor. Of course, I need to learn how to keg first to make use of one of these, but I could see running my coffee porter through some beans!

I've had a couple of DFH beers run through the hops, but never peaches ... look tasty.

Adam said...

Kegging isn't hard. Just like brewing. Fork out the money and keep it clean.

I feel a series of posts coming on.

Anonymous said...

A Randall is not really that hard to make from what I can tell. I have an official DFH one and it looks like an industrial water filter thingy with some hoses on it.

Adam said...

Dude! I'd love to see your randall.

Wait! I didn't mean that. I meant to say I love to see your organoleptic hop transducer module.

Uh...I think sounds dirtier. ;-)

Have you used it yet?