Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Growing Hops: Grow-Hops Yahoo Group

A few weeks ago Bill Velek contacted me about this hops growing group he runs over at Yahoo. Check it out. I've found some interesting conversation threads there. They also have a list of resources and other stuff.


Jonathan said...

Seconded. I'm a member. It seems like a pretty new group, and could definitely use some more content (so GO SIGN UP, all you hop growers). Sadly, as a less-than-one-year veteran, I can offer precious little in the way of information.

Bill said...

Thanks for the plug, Adam, and for your comment, Jonathan. But just to clarify any misimpressions that readers might have about "could definitely use some more content", I am confident that 'Grow-Hops' is now the BEST resource on the Internet for hop-growing info. As of this posting, we have grown to 262 members in just six weeks, many of them with a LOT of years experience and even some professional qualifications in the field. We have well over 500 posts now in our archive, providing lots of good info on many issues. We have well in excess of 60 links to various on-line resources on the topic, and a very large collection of photographs from members, plus some helpful files. We also have a database for members to sign up to exchange rhizomes. So if any one who is interested in growing hops sees this, you are warmly invited to join our group; it is at


Bill Velek