Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Session #5: Experience the Atmosphere at TBL

This is one part of a series of posts.

If you're not familiar with the concept, every month in the beer writing, blogging, etc. world, the first Friday is reserved for conversation around a specific topic. The past four months have covered the following topics; Stout (March), Dubbel (April), and Mild (May) and Local Brews. This month's host of The Session, Hop Talk, has chosen 'Atmosphere' as our topic for discussion. The guidelines have been set.

The Brew Lounge design/marketing/technology/media/bottle washing team came up with a brand spankin' new idea. We've posted stories, written reviews, produced some video, shared some audio, documented hops growing, broke beer news, polled our audience....well you get the picture. No challenge is too big for us. One thing we haven't done is broadcast live video.

I know what you're thinking. "These are two handsome beer dudes who really should be on the big screen. What are they waiting for?!" You're right. The time has come. Around 6:00 on Friday July 6th we will be broadcasting live right here on our website. That is if everything works out.

So check out the atmosphere here at TBL as we celebrate this months edition of The Session. You never know what to expect.

(I would set my expectation low if I were you ;-)


ajwaka said...

Can it be-- first comment? Not a TBL regular (just added) - but I'm intrigued... Will it be replayed?

Adam said...

Hi Andrew,

If we manage to not to break the computer ;-)