Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ommegang BCTC 2007 photo teaser :-)

We're not quite ready to post the full account of the weekend. Lotsa pictures to sort through. Many innocent people to protect ;-) As I was flipping through I couldn't resist sharing some pictures now. More to come later.

BTW a big thanks to our expert photographers. You know who you are.


Anonymous said...

Was that Adam grabbing a whole keg of Dogfish Head for himself - tsk, tsk - one must share.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Thirsty Bear has got to be one of the best nicknames we've got on this site. Or, wait, is that a brewery name?!

Btw, Adam tried to drink it all and failed, so we helped ;-)

Unknown said...



Adam said...

The peaches definitely helped take the edge off the Festina. Probably the extra sugars balancing out the bitter/tartness. It became less of a tart berliner wies.

I love this kinda experimentation.