Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Brew Lounge Keeps on Running

My Contribution Website You may notice me going through the same pattern as last year at this time. My apologies for what has become sometimes sparse, sometimes sporadic, some might even say erratic or neurotic writing/posting. I've even resorted to just passing along links and content from other sites to save some time while still getting a little new content to you. See, it's all a result of my marathon training, which has 5 weeks to go. As many of you know, I'll be running in this year's Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in Washington, D.C. (Last year, I ran my first, the NYC marathon.) It's quite a thrill to compete in something of such magnitude and it's something that challenges the very core of my psychological and physical being. Here's where you come in. I've never asked you for a dime before for what I do here at The Brew Lounge. However, I have been raising money for the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) in conjunction with my running of the MCM in October. I'm asking you that if you ever (even, just once ;-) have appreciated what I do here at The Brew Lounge to please drop a donation to the AICR using the link that I've provided at the top and bottom of this post. The contributions have nothing to do with me, except that it helps to honor those that I am running in memory of and those that have been touched by cancer in your life. You may use the link provided here to make a donation, or if you see me out and about you can simply hand to me a check or cash. However you do it you'll get a receipt for tax purposes. Also, keep in mind employer matching programs to increase your donation. Once the marathon is behind me, you should see me return to a more regular routine of posting along with some meatier (or maltier) content. Thanks very much, as always, for your support. My Contribution Website

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