Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting Started in Homebrewing - The Process in Review

Here's a quick rundown of what I went through for my first homebrewing experience. A quick link to an index is at the top and bottom of this post. And, one last posting on the topic will be coming tomorrow, focused on 'lessons learned'...just in time for me to get started on my next batch! Bring 1.5 gallons to a boil - 20 minutes Boil, then reserve and allow to cool to room temperature; covered - 20 minutes Bring 3.5 gallons to a boil - 45 minutes Sanitize equipment with bleach - 30 minutes Kill flame, Add extract, Stir, Return to heat Bring back to rolling boil Add bittering hops Stir occasionally Add aroma hops - last 5 minutes Continue cooking over heat - 5 minutes Turn off heat Chill the wort with a wort chiller - 15 minutes Take hydrometer reading Pour wort into plastic fermenter Seal fermenter; add airlock Place primary fermenter in area where temperature is between 60F-75F Leave in plastic fermenter - 1 week Sanitize equipment Rack to secondary fermenter/glass carboy; add airlock Cover with blanket or paper bag Leave in area between 60F-75F - 2 weeks Sanitize equipment Move beer from secondary to bottling bucket (with spigot on bottom) Stir in priming sugar solution Bottle & Cap Store in cool, dark place for 1 week Taste one (for most styles, leave the sediment behind in bottle) Store at room or slightly cooler temperature for at least a couple more weeks Taste another one Optimal drinking for many styles may come as much as a month or two after bottling

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