Monday, September 10, 2007

Guest Writing over at Hop Talk

I'm back in the saddle here after arriving home from our Wisconsin trip. We hung out with our friends for a few days in Madison and saw our Eagles fall apart at the hands of the Packers up in Green Bay. Two noteworthy beer events that you'll here more about here soon.....a fresh stash of New Glarus beers made its way home with me and a surprise discovery was made in Madison with less than 100 minutes to go before our flight left for I said, more later. While Al & Ron are on hiatus, they've invited a number of fellow beer lovers to post some commentary on their site. Today, my writing was featured and covered the D.C. metro beer scene as it overlays with the Marine Corps Marathon. My thanks to Al for inviting me as I thought this was a pretty nice idea, giving them a break and at the same time a chance to interconnect our web of beer sites on the, uh, Web.

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