Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April's Fool

It feels like a good day for this. - There must be an ulterior motive, since I really don't understand why slovenly beer drinkers would want to go for runs with me, and not just beer runs. More to discover here I'm sure. - I think that places without websites like Teresa's Next Door and Flying Pig Saloon better get their act together soon if they're looking to stay in business. Fortunately, Union Barrel Works saw the light and got a website up just in time to save their business from lack of it. - I've decided that since everyone wishes to blanket-label me a libertarian (not librarian, apologies to Lew) since I don't support government-mandated smoking bans in a private businessperson's establishment, I've decided to just go with it and file my application. - I'm going to keep on enjoying all the big bad beers out there for all I can. I appreciate them for what they are and will try to resist being a session contrarian as long as possible. Or, at least until the trendies tell me that high alcohol, highly hopped are not evil but fashionable again. - Since I read it on the Internet, it must be true. Instead of researching on my own, I'm just never, ever going to Monk's again. They're just so rude and my thin skin is so easily offended. - Because all of this lovely content is published via blogspot, it must be a blog....it absolutely must be. How did this turn into a rant disguised as an April Fool's joke? Well, I feel better now. Have a splendid April Fool's Day and try not to be one!

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