Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Queen's Day, La Trappe, & Flyers Playoff Hockey

What are three things you never figured could be tied together, no matter how obtusely, in one paragraph? Let's see if I can manage it: After a reminder of the Queen's holiday today in The Netherlands and considering that the Flyers are playing a pivotal game 4 tonight, I figured there'd be nothing better than wearing some orange to salute both and putting back some of the land's best beer, La Trappe/Koningshoeven quadrupel. None of the local publicans wanted to take me up on my offer for a multi-faceted celebration today. Suppose less than 24 hour is not optimal for promoting an event such as this. Though, Scoats might be the type to pull something like this off at the last minute. So, I'll be doing this on my own tonight, though alas my quadrupel will be coming from a bottle, not a tap. But, no worries because it's my sofa and the bottle is large :)


Greg G. said...

Love the post. What a great way to bring sports, beer and travel into one post. Go Flyers!

Paula and I are heading up to Holland (Utrecht and Amsterdam) tomorrow for a long holiday weekend. I will try to take some good notes on Dutch beers.

Dan Bengel said...

Hey Greg can you pick us up at Brussels airport on Friday morning? :>)