Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Hop Growing Resources

To Adam's ever-growing slew of hop growing links at Beer Bits 2, I've come across a couple more podcasts lately that should prove quite valuable. Depending upon your location, there's still a small window of time to get some rhizomes into the ground for first year growth. Basic Brewing Radio's episode 4/24/08 - two episodes ago, James first made us all aware of Douglas over at Home Brew Perspectives. This current episode features Chris Colby of Brew Your Own magazine discussing steps for getting started with growing hops at home. Home Brewing Perspectives - after working out some audio kinks in the first episode, Douglas & Mike the Hop Guy have moved on to bring very detailed and interesting "perspectives" on growing hops as well as a very enlightening interview in their third episode with a non-drinking Mormon from Utah. A must-listen.

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billvelek said...

I know I shouldn't toot my own horn, but I think that our group of over 2,000 hop-growers is probably the best resource available on the Internet; we distribute free rhizomes in season, have a 'whole-hops' exchange, and are developing a 'Grow-Hops' Wiki, too. My 'Grow-Hops' portal -- -- explains the different features in our 'Yahoo' and '.com' groups.


Bill Velek