Monday, April 07, 2008

A Return Visit to T.H. Brewster's (at Sheraton Four Points LAX) in Los Angeles, CA

After a successful day of work in Los Angeles and a prior night visit to Father's Office, we needed to get some dinner and (natch) some good beers...and get away from the city. Taking an early morning flight out of LAX meant only one thing: stay at an airport hotel and head to the T.H. Brewster's bar at Four Points (Sheraton brand) hotel. Coincidentally, our hotel was across the street from Four Points. So, a quick check-in and printing of boarding passes, we were good to go for dinner.

This was only my second trip to the World's Best Airport Hotel Bar (though they do a pretty good job of not looking like one), but to my traveling colleague I must have looked like a regular, navigating the front doorman to the hallway direct to the bar and into a table for two without any effort. It appears that most of the draft and bottle selection has remained the same from my last visit roughly one year ago.

For some reason, I gravitated immediately to the Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic. I'd written not long before the visit how I'd been on a crazy hop kick; that must've factored into my choice. In any case, it was a good choice that paired well with spicy fish tacos. That was all that I needed before going back for a good night's sleep. A long weekend of Toronado Barleywine, San Francisco Strong Beer Month, and Celebrator Anniversary Party lie ahead of me! (have at it grammar police; lay/lie/lain/laid is something I've never mastered)

Check back over here to see notes of my previous visit to Brewster's.

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