Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who are you? Who am I? What are we doing here?

3 Years of Beer-Related Content Lives Here. Bet you missed something. A whole bunch of you come here every day. Roughly half of you come here on a subscription or e-mail basis (and some of you are just very habitual) and others of you come via a search engine finding. Hopefully some of you latter folk decide to stick around this little thing called The Brew Lounge after your first visit. Realizing that many of you may be new to The Brew Lounge, or shall we say, may not have found your way through all three years worth of content. That said, over the next several weeks, I plan to reintroduce you to some of my, and your, favorite content from the past here at The Brew Lounge. Of course, there are handy-dandy links over there on the right to help you find some of the most frequently visited material here. People are coming in every few minutes or so to find something that I had written many moons ago. But, it's not always as intuitive as I might imagine for said person to realize that there may be something else that they would be interested in at The Brew Lounge. I know all of the history here; I shouldn't expect that every reader will. Today, I'll feature one of my favorite and reader's favorite section of The Brew Lounge. It's the section that contains roughly 100 reviews of brew pubs and beer bars that I've done over almost three years. You want to know what places are like before you go there and I enjoy writing about the people, the beers, and the atmospheres that make these places our favorites for a good beer. I travel around quite a bit. So, while you'll see reviews here covering everywhere from LA to NYC and San Juan to Santa Monica, the majority will fall within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, my home region. Here's a quick link to all of the establishment reviews that I've done to date. p.s. While you're over there on the right side of the page, be sure to sign up for an e-mail or RSS subscription to ensure that you'll always get all of the updates.


Dr Zibbs said...

That is one pretty impressive list!

Kevin said...

Over the three years how many times have you been quoted in a large city paper as a home brew farmer(w/o a site mention even on the internet script.)


Bryan Kolesar said...

That's a sign that I "made it," right?! maybe? hm....

maybe it'll increase the google search links on my name..

eh, whatever :)