Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekly Second-Hand Brews News Update: 4/20/13

I long ago lost the ability to keep up with even half the beer news out there in the wild and wacky world of craft beer. There was a time I attempted daily (or even more frequent) updates with interesting tidbits from around the brewniverse along with small contributions of my own thoughts.

That has yielded to my weekly updates that you'll find here every Saturday morning with some of what I consider to be some of the more interesting news out there that you might like to add to your weekend reading list (or Monday morning at work, depending upon your preference).


~ Philly Beer Week tidbits from Curtin.

~ And yet another reason to link to Curtin. Hopefully, in my agreement yet again here with Jack, this does not hereby constitute a trend.

~ Someone mapped out Citizens Bank Park; surprised it took this long.

~ Nice list.

~ Nice shout-outs from Hugh Sisson.

~ Took me a couple of reads to get through all the rules about the latest release from Ardmore's awesome Tired Hands. You obsessive ones out there must be asking a lot of questions.

~ Thanks to Beer-Stained Letter for keeping us up-to-date on progress at Flying Fish.

~ And bit of news coming out of New Jersey.

~ Hm, a controversy in Ardmore?

~ Proof that the BeerPulse filter really does catch all of the news with the word beer in it.

~ Remember how a couple of weeks back I mentioned a recent lack of good donnybrooks. Here's another developing one for you to mull over. We're all part-time at something and some do it pretty well

~ Honestly haven't followed up on this one yet, but it looks interesting.

~ You might have heard of a brewery opening in North Carolina. Here'a a photo update.

~ There's a neat "beer map" included too after you make the jump to this big beer article.

~ And to close on a serious note.

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