Sunday, February 24, 2019

Flagship February daily feature - East Branch Der Bach

East Branch has been a perfect addition to Downingtown's beer scene. As Victory has grown much larger, East Branch opened almost two-and-a-half years ago (coincidentally, with former Victory brewer, Kevin McGovern, manning the mash paddle) to fill the demand for a small brewpub.

The brewery opened first with a small tasting bar and later moved the bar to a much more spacious upstairs, complete with a kitchen turning out some impressively creative dishes to complement the beer menu. (The downstairs restaurant, Estrella, serves East Branch beers as well in addition to other regional beers and a full bar.) From East Branch's menu, provided your dietary requirements do not begin with a "V", you absolutely must try the Brisket Noodles. Preferably, if you go now, with a Düssel Sticke Alt. Would love to see breweries (and consumers!) getting back on board with this style in the way that Root Down has (recall I mentioned earlier this month?) and East Branch does from time to time as well.

That is a true strength of East Branch - that is, in addition to the solid food offerings, McGovern's willingness to put out a list of beers that nicely span the classic beer style spectrum, alcohol strengths (if you haven't had the pleasure, keep your eye out for the return of the incredible Severn Dark Mild at 3-3.5%!)

Now click the picture below for a full feature on East Branch Der Bach.

If you're just jumping in during the middle of this and want to know what this is all about, link back here to see the Flagship February overview as well as an ongoing list of all beers I'm featuring during the month of February.

Disclosure: For this project, I solely created the list of 28 beers featured here on The Brew Lounge. I was in contact with each brewery and neither required nor requested complimentary samples. I purchased today's East Branch beer while at the brewpub.

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